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Orc Raider v0.3 is out!

2017-04-22 23:20:22 by BlazingFunGames

After a lot of work and crunching v0.3 is out.
This one was mostly about updating old art and stuff such as the enemies and stuff, but also added a level with orcs and of course a sexy orc lady to enjoy.
Changelog for v0.3
-1 new woman (Orc)
-4 new Hscenes
-1 new battle (orc Town)
-1 new enemy (orc warrior)
-Renewed animation (main character, village defenders)
-Renewed Battle system

I've put a lot of work on the H scenes, there's still a lot of room for improvement but I'm starting to improve my animations, yeeeey!
I'll keep you updated regarding news and so on and I will shortly post a poll for version 0.4 priorities.
You can get the new version here:
It's for patreons only, but it's just $1 and your support can help me keep making this game and on top of that, make it better.

Have fun!


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