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Hello everyone, here's a new update for Orc Raider.
This version has some cool additions. 

Changelog for v0.8:
 -Changed nude image for Brianne (1st girl)
-Changed dressed image for Brianne (1st girl)
-Changed nude image for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed dressed image for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed foreplay animation for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed fuck animation for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Added new AI type, wizard.
-1 new level, elves.
-2 more enemies, elf archer and elf wizard
-1 new girl with her corresponding animations. Lief, Elven.



I'm not sure when I'll post the next version, hopefully soon, but it will include demons as it was voted in the previous poll.


The game now has:
-7 levels
-3 main enemy types, (fighter, archer and wizard) with a total of 10 different enemies.
-7 different servants to have sex with (3 human, 1 catfolk, 1 angel, 1 orc and 1 elf)..
-4 stats to upgrade and more to come.

There's much more to add to this game and long ways to keep improving, and your support is vital for me to keep working on this.
If you can support me on patreon there are awesome rewards there starting at $1. If you can't or don't wish to pledge you can also help by upvoting, sharing and all that stuff.

Thanks and have fun!

Orc Raider v0.3 is out!

2017-04-22 23:20:22 by BlazingFunGames

After a lot of work and crunching v0.3 is out.
This one was mostly about updating old art and stuff such as the enemies and stuff, but also added a level with orcs and of course a sexy orc lady to enjoy.
Changelog for v0.3
-1 new woman (Orc)
-4 new Hscenes
-1 new battle (orc Town)
-1 new enemy (orc warrior)
-Renewed animation (main character, village defenders)
-Renewed Battle system

I've put a lot of work on the H scenes, there's still a lot of room for improvement but I'm starting to improve my animations, yeeeey!
I'll keep you updated regarding news and so on and I will shortly post a poll for version 0.4 priorities.
You can get the new version here:
It's for patreons only, but it's just $1 and your support can help me keep making this game and on top of that, make it better.

Have fun!